Success Stories - Women

In 2003 Ms Monika, 20 yrs old young girl owing to the disgrace caused by her parents due to her low score in her examination, swiftly motioned her feet out of Vijayavada, Andhra Pradesh and halted in Chennai. Words of the Chennailites sounded as oracle to her and she was deceived by cold-blooded men to tangle herself in prostitution. Nevertheless, she was rescued by CFHC with the abet of her friend!. Reconciling, the equilibrium of CFHC invested their love and care on her. Fervent counseling helped her to re-unite with her family.

Ailing from an under- privileged family, Ambika a 13yr old teenager walked towards the miserable part of her life. An earthquake, swiftly threw her into the trauma of being an orphan. Her grandparents stretched their helping hand to Ambika and to her sister Devi. But the dismal part starts here! What a 7th grade yielded to all her friends didn’t yield her the same way. Alas she has been marked as a victim for a Child marriage to a young man of 65yrs! When the day became a night, night seemed to yield her some light. She swiftly geared her feet and guarded herself as a Deer guards itself from the nails of the Tiger. With thoughts showing a bright future she took refuge in an advocate’s home. This place was a decorated den. Being ill-treated, her eyes were sharply waiting for her time to flee! Lo and behold, there came a halt point when her eyes caught a glimpse of the TV show “Kathai Alla Nijam”. Mrs Maida Raja, the Founder-President of CFHC was interviewed to know what CFHC is all about. The young girl was sharp enough to grab the phone number and buzzed Mrs Maida and yelled a voice which desperately longed for a rest! Being armed by the Adyar Women’s Police Station, Mrs Maida plunged into action in rescuing the young blood! All her wounds where gradually healed through the medicine of LOVE!. She pursued her studies and finished 12th std and admitted herself in a Teacher Training Course and transfigured into a good teacher!