Vocational Traning

Vocational training is a Training that emphasizes skills and knowledge required for a particular job function.chfc tailoring

Vocational Training Programme at CFHC was started with an objective of social development & economic growth of women through vocational training. Vocational Training plays a vital role in giving the affected women a new life which means it’s a life giving process.

Vocational training for women teaches them specific skills they will use in a certain job or profession. We try our best to take responsibility of women for their upliftment and take care of their necessities so that they can achieve what they want.

CFHC gives special attention to young girls and destitute women of Short Stay Home in helping them to make right career option once they leave our Home which includes trainings like the following:

  1. Tailoring
  2. Glass painting
  3. Flower making
  4. Paper bag making
  5. Jewellery making
  6. Craft making
  7. Curry powder
  8. Soap powder
  9. Beauty course
  10. Phenyl making

Our ultimate aim is to see them well settled and secured in their lives, by giving them all possible financial assistance like providing them with sewing machine etc. since 2001. This initiative of CFHC will empower destitute women financially and enable them to live with dignity. CFHC has identified such women for further assistance and support.