Success Stories - Adoptions

Letter from the first child adopted from CFHC

Hi, my name is Sarah Kathleen Fox..

I was born on the 27th of August 1990. In the orphanage home I was known as Mary Sarah

I was adopted from Christ Faith Home for Children in 1992 when I was two and a half. I’m now twenty years of age and I’m very blessed to be living in Australia with my Australian family, my father Peter, mother Penny, and two older brothers Aaron and Paul.

I have completed schooling up to year 12 finishing in 2008. During this time I was working at a supermarket 5 minutes from home. The money I earned allowed me to buy my first car. I then went on to University (college) for my further my studies. I did university for a year and a half and then chose to take a break for a little while. In the mean time worked and done some travelling to Asia – (Bali, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Next year I will be going back to University to finish my studies. I’ll be doing a degree in Primary School teaching.


From the Parent of Sujith

We feel it is fortunate to have Sujith in our lives. He has brought so much for joy and happiness. We can't imagine our lives without him. It is been a wonderful experience of parenthood. We are very grateful and thankful to God for giving Sujith to our family.

We are so blessed to have him part of our family. We love him a lot.

Ashok & Malar

Words from Sibiling of Sujith…Saranaya

Its a blessing to have Sujith in our family. If it’s not for him our family would not have so much of fun and joy.

I thank God for choosing and giving Sujith to us out of so many children. I am so happy to have a brother like Sujith. He is very giving, sharing and loving to everyone. Even though he is naughty some times we love him a lot. He really hyper active and can't sit for sometime quietly except in front of television. I and he have a lot of fun together. I love him a lot.

From the parent of Rosey

Dear Christ Faith Home in India

Keith, Rosey and I are so grateful that God has aligned our paths in order for us to receive the incredible blessing of Rosey being adopted into our family. Rosey is a bright light that touches many people she meets. I thank God for what you instilled in her in her first four years of life at Christ Faith Home. We are so glad that we are traveling the path of life together. We can’t wait to meet and thank you all in person, who touched Rosey's life and ours so deeply.

Our prayers, thoughts and congratulations are with you from the McCall family from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America.