Sanctuary - Womens' Home

The Sanctuary, the home for women and girls creates a space for women to socially and economically equip themselves to face the challenges in the future. The services extended in this home include medical care, psychiatric treatmentcfhc ladies home, case work services, occupational therapy, educational cum vocational training, recreational facilities, etc.

The objectives are to:

  • Provide temporary shelter and support to women and girls who have no social support systems to rely on
  • Rehabilitate the women and girls socially and economically by providing the required skill training and counseling

Target Group/Beneficiaries:

  • Those who, as a result of family tension or discord, are made to leave their homes without any means of subsistence and have no social protection from exploitation and/or facing litigation on account of marital disputes.
  • Those who are being forced into prostitution.Rehabilitate the women and girls socially and economically by providing the required skill training and counseling
  • Those who have been sexually assaulted and are facing the problem of re-adjustment in the family or society.
  • Victims of mental maladjustment, emotional disturbances and social ostracism.
  • Those who escape from their homes due to family problems, mental/physical treatment and counseling for their rehabilitation and re-adjustment in family/society.
  • Girls, between the age group of 15 to 35 years are given preference. Children accompanying the mother or born in the Institution are permitted to stay in the Home only upto the age of 7 years, after which they are transferred to our Little flowers home.

Home committee meeting:

Home Committee meeting is conducted once in every 3 months as per the norms of the Short Stay Home. The motive behind the meeting is to discuss and deal with the problems of the newly admitted inmates and share their grievances with the Home Committee meeting.

The committee panel consists of:

  • District Social Welfare Officer
  • State Welfare Board representative
  • Inspector of Police from local police station
  • Advocate: advices on the legal issues of the inmates example: property issues or divorce issues
  • Medical Officer: counsels and diagnosis on the physical problems of the inmatessh cfhc
  • Psychologist: counsels on the psychological problems of the inmate or if the inmate needs some therapy or medications and decides on what specific interventions that could be given to the inmates. example: counseling, skill building, trainings etc.
  • Any other significant resource person working for welfare of women (NGO): discusses and plans on what trainings could be provided to the inmate based on their interest and capabilities. example: tailoring, craft making, handicrafts etc
  • President; Vice President and Secretary of the organization: suggest important supportive services and resources that could be rendered to the inmates.

A complete review of activities is done in the home committee meeting. Any suggestion or clarification given by the expertise resource person in the particular field (eg. Advocate or medical officer) is seriously considered. Home committee meeting is helpful in monitoring every aspect of Short Stay Home and its beneficiaries.