Genesis of CFHC

One rainy night in 1986, Dr. Maida Raja (the founder) allowed a young women to take shelter from the storm on her verandah. The women was dripping wet from the rain and her own tears, was holding a baby girl in her hands. Dr. Maida Raja knew her circumstances that would drive a woman and her child from their home - most likely she was married to an alcoholic husband and was attempting to protect herself and her child from his abuse.

The women was confused and depressed - telling the founder that she wanted to end her life but felt she had to live her life for her child’s sake. The founder sympathized with her, but counselled her to see that suicide was not an option. She gave her food to eat, a place to sleep and promised her to help her find a solution for her issue in the next day morning. Much to the founder shock the next day the women was found missing - leaving behind her baby daughter.

The dilemma of that precious baby and the thought of the number of infants abandoned by their abused or unwed mothers was the inspiration behind what is now known as Christ Faith Home for Children. Over time the organization has expanded to include The Emmanuel Nursery and Primary school (which offers low or free tuition for children who would otherwise have no access to education) a girl’s hostel, a boy’s hostel and the Short Stay Home for Women which provided temporary shelter for abused and deserted women and girls.