Educational Welfare

Emmanuel Nursery & Primary School (ENPS)emmanuel cfhc

The greatest gift one can give to others is education CFHC places a high value on education and has established the Emmanuel Nursery & Primary School for both orphans and local village children.

As many private schools are beyond the reach of the villagers many started seeking admission at ENPS. ENPS also provides sponsorship and free uniforms and books for the deserving students.

ENPS endeavours to provide the safe care and need based education and training to the younger minds with skills and abilities to meet the challenging needs of the world.

We do have school activities which apply to a wide range of skill-based games such as Karate and Yoga classes, articulating exhibitions and interactive activities that support students' educational development. Our goal of all these activities is to enhance students' understanding, skill or effectiveness in a specific area by engaging multiple styles of learning. School activities also serve to infuse fun into learning as well as build up student confidence and the ability to think critically.

Sports play a vital role in shaping our students in ENPS. Our students learn values like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice and accountability through participating in the sports and recreation activities.