Success Stories - Children

Babu, was brought to the home at the age of 2 by his biological mother. She left the baby in the home and never turned up. Since then Babu was brought up at CFHC. He is now a smart young of 16 yrs old doing his first year Motor Mechanical course

"My name is Babu. I came to this home at the age of 2. I have been living here happily for the past 14 years. From my childhood mummy has been taking good care of me and has given me every basic thing a child would require. She sent me to school and has met all my needs for the past 14 years. More over I was brought up like her own son. I want to be grateful to mummy for the rest of my life and I will be. I never thought that I would ever enter the college like the other kids but now by God’s immense grace I am doing my 1st year Motor Mechanical Vehicle Course. I thank God for He has given me a family “Christ Faith Home” and a loving mother ‘Mummy”. I thank you Mummy and CFHC for what I am now. Love you my CFHC family."  - BABU



Prince, who is now 19, had congenital heart blockage and had his first pacemaker when he was 2yrs old. His biological family understanding their situation where adequate care for him was simply a nightmare, decided to hand him over to the caring hands of CFHC. Earlier he had 6 pacemaker replacement surgeries. At the age of 15 in the year 2007, the pacemaker he had for his congenital heart blockage caused by ventricular specific defect was coming out of his chest and was deteriorating.

By God’s immense grace and with the support of Children of the World & Mary Bunch, USA, Prince underwent his 7th Pacemaker replacement surgery which was successfully implanted in the USA on Oct 2007.