Child Welfare

At CFHC, we admit orphan, single parent, and several other categories of children who are totally resorted and need support and care to lead their lives. We admit them at our home, provide them with food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and education. We make sure that these children grow in a homely atmosphere with adequate nutrition and healthy social interaction. Our goal is to enable these children and handhold them till they are mature enough to venture out independently in the world. For girls, we provide care and support till they are married and get settled in life. For boys we provide support until they are able to get a job and stand on their own legs.

Our children generally belong to one of the following categories:
  • Orphan children
  • Single parent children
  • Children from poor familes
  • Destitute and deserted children
  • Special need children
  • Children who are differentially abled