Blooming Buds - Infants Home

Blooming buds is the peaceful home which provides custodial care, love and rehabilitation including adoption services to the abandoned infants and toddlers. We care for new born babies and babies abandoned kids cfhc homeby their biological parents. Our primary effort is to restore these children from their biological parents. If not, identify a suitable adoptive parent for the child and being socialized by them.

These babies are taken care by specially trained nurses and house mothers who give love and care. The twenty four hours eye to eye care and treatment are given to the Infants to have a homely care. Many special need children include down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mentally retarded. Special treatments like speech therapy, occupational therapy are given to these children to make them independent in spite of their disability.

The toddlers are sent to our Emmanuel nursery & primary school for their education. We encourage volunteers to serve among these children by spending their time along with these little ones and give them love and care. Make them feel secured and create a pleasant environment to help them grow with a healthy mind is our pivotal point!