Awards & Rewards

We are happy to share with you that our services have been recognized through the following awards and rewards.
  • Best Institution Award from the Government of Tamil Nadu 15th of August, 2002 on Independent Day
  • Jambavan Award – from State Conference Tamil Nadu Press and Media Reporters Union in 2003
  • Best Service Award -  from “Palam” Kalyanasundaram - Man of Millennium - 2003
  • Out Standing Service Award from TPC in Singapore in 2006
  • Best Social Worker Award from All India Cultural Academy
  • Appreciation Rewards from Mrs. Kanimozhi Member of Parliment in 2007
  • Bharat Jyoti Award from “Economic Growth and National Integration” at New Delhi on October 2008
  • Bhartiya Vikas Ratana Award from All India Business Development Association in 2008
  • Gold Star Millennium Award “Nation Integrity Cultural Academy” 2009
  • Dr. MGR Award “The Peaks” 2010

Recognition given at Tamil Nadu level
  • Member of “Classification Committee” in Juvenile Welfare board, State Board, Chennai
  • Member in “Tamil Nadu State-Level Empowerment Committee
  • Member in “Tamil Nadu State Level Committee for the selection of nomination for Shree Shakthi Puraskar award 2003
  • Member of the Police Advisory Committee for assisting of investigation and prevention of “Crime Against Women
  • Service provider in Kancheepuram District protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
  • Member in Government children Home Education committee
  • Member of Tamil Nadu Anti-Dowry Active committee
  • Member of “Confederation of India Organizations for Service and Advocacy