Philosophy of Adoption

Adoption provides a family and secure future for orphaned and abandoned children. The Government of India believes “it is better to provide a family than to rear [a child] in an institution”. They, along with CFHC, strive to place these children in loving homes.

Adoption is the process by which a child who has been abandoned or given up by his/her natural parents and is without family, is given a safe, secure and loving family through legal process.

Role of CFHC in Adoption

Essentially, CFHC is a bridge between abandoned or orphaned children and their adoptive parents. CFHC implements the “Cradle Baby” initiative (launched by the Government of Tamil Nadu) in their adoption procedure and is registered with and licensed by the Indian Government to officiate in Indian and foreign adoptions. CFHC cares for approximately 40 infants and toddlers at a time. Unwanted or abandoned babies in the vicinity are referred to us from hospitals, police and the public. Tamil Nadu has the highest rate of infanticide, the majority of which are female infants, in the world. There are also homeless children who are accepted into CFHC due to living situations of extreme poverty. CFHC provides basic needs for these infants and children including food, shelter, clothes, medication, education, and if possible a family – our joy in loving these children is doubled when is shared!

Interested in Adopting?

Couples desiring to begin the adoption process must first meet with our social worker for approval and admission into our adoption program. If approved, the social worker will guide the couple through the rest of the adoption proceedings. Legal adoption is final and irrevocable. It is a serious procedure which changes the lives of the child and parents.

If you are interested in making a wonderful difference in a child’s life please contact us today!