Adoptions Procedures


Stage I : Registration

  1. PAP*(s) desiring to adopt a child shall register themselves with CFHC.
  2. On receipt of the application for registration along with necessary documents and requisite registration fee, CFHC will register the PAP(s) for adoption and issue them a registration slip.

Stage II : Pre-adoption Counselling and Preparation of the PAP*(s)

In order to facilitate an informed decision by the PAP(s), CFHC will provide pre-adoption counseling to them. The agency shall also prepare the PAP(s) for the adoption and related process by providing them with all relevant information.

Stage III  :Home Study and Other requirements

  1. Documents listed at Annexure-I shall be furnished by the PAPs to the agency to facilitate conduct of home study.
  2. Home Study of the PAP(s) shall be conducted by the professional social worker

Stage IV : Referral and Acceptance

  1. The agency shall make best efforts to assign a child as per required description given by the PAP(s), if any.
  2. After matching the child, the agency will advise PAP(s) to see the child physically before they give their acceptance The PAPs, if they so desire, may get the child medically examined by their own doctor.

Stage V:  Pre-adoption foster care

The Child can be placed in pre-adoption foster care after acceptance of referral by the PAPs. The PAPs shall be required to sign a foster care affidavit and undertaking before the child is placed in their temporary custody.

Stage VI : Legal Procedure

  1. The child can be legally placed in adoption with the PAP(s) by the competent court.
  2. The agency shall file a petition in the competent Court for obtaining the necessary adoption orders under the relevant Act within five days of acceptance of referral by PAPs.

Stage VII : Follow up visits and post-adoption services

  1. a)  The agency shall carry out half yearly follow-up visits to the child from the time the child has been placed in pre-adoption foster care till a period of two years after the legal adoption.

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List of Documents Required for Adoption

The following documents are required to be produced in original along with two self attested copies by the PAPs.

  1. Proof of identity(voter card/pan card/passport/driving license)
  2. Proof of address indicating residence in India exceeding 365 days
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Family Photograph
  5. Health certificate by a registered medical practitioner certifying that the PAPs are not suffering from any contagious or terminal disease or any such mental or physical condition which may prevent them from taking care of the child.
  6. Three recent postcard sized photographs of the adoptive family.
  7. Two letters of recommendation from persons who know the family well. Such recommendations should not be from immediate relatives of either spouse.
  8. If the PAPs are self-employed, IT statement for the last three years and if they are employed, Income Certificate from the employer also indicating the date of superannuation.
  9. Financial statement including copies of bank statement for the last six months, details of movable and immovable property owned by the family and details of loans taken by the PAPs.
  10. Written consent of the biological and/or adopted child/children and if they are above 7 years of age.
  11. Adoption decree, if the couple have adopted child/children earlier.
  12. Divorce/legal separation decree in case of single PAP if applicable.
  13. Letter from close relative of single PAP stating that in the event of any unforeseen circumstance, the relative would take care of the child.

* PAP - Prospective Adoptive Parent