About Us

Our Vision

To develop a society, where everyone stands on their own legs and “Catches a Fish a Day” - a faith to help them find permanent relief.

Our Mission

To support and empower parentless children, deserted women and people below the poverty-line through institutions including orphanages, schools and vocational training units.

Philosopy of CFHC

CFHC activities are framed on the belief that an organization like ours should do more than just provide temporary material relief to the suffering. CFHC support is designed to give people the means to provide for their own welfare for the rest of their lives. This makes them not to remain dependent on the hands-outs of a charity. ‘Instead of giving fish to the starving, teach them how to catch fish’.


With a higher calling to meet the needs of the least, CFHC has been actively demonstrating that there is a God who cares, loves and Who is bigger than all the hatred and abuse in the world. We feel privileged to be the hands and feet of the living God, Who came to bring light to the dark places!

  • 1986

With a narrowed view to meet the needs of the orphaned and abandoned children and to show the love of God by holding, feeding, educating, caring for and rescuing them from the evil of their circumstances “Christ Faith home for Children” was founded by Mrs. Maida Raja & her beloved husband late Mr. Sivalingaraja @ Daniel Raja.

Many like-minded connected together in these noble grounds and the society was formed with the following Board of members in the First Governing body

  1. Mrs. Maida Raja - President
  2. Mr. Stephen – Vice President
  3. Late Mr. Daniel Raja – Secretary
  4. Miss. Nirmala – Treasurer
  5. Pastor. Jeyasingh Methusola – Member
  6. Mr. David Raja – Member
  7. Mrs. Solomon – Member
  8. Mr. Louis Peter – Member
  9. Mr. H.Andrews - Member

The society’s Legal advisor was Late. Mr.Maxim Lobo, (District Judge)

Formation of Orphanage

As a humble beginning the home was inaugurated on 2nd Feb. 1986 in a rented building with 5 children in Virugmabakkam. Later hearing our Prayers Lord provided us a wonderful place in Manapakkam, from where we sprouted out. Many programmes have been developed over the years - adoption, sponsorship, foster care, childcare unit, counselling, community organisation, self help groups, awareness programmes, medical camps, old aged pension, leprosy service, etc. It has been a long journey. Sometimes we have walked in sunshine and sometimes in shadow!

Sun Shine School

Born in poverty, often parents struggle to survive with just pennies a day, many poor children often live without access to a good education.  On the 6th June 1986, Sun shine English school was started to support the underprivileged children living in and around Manapakkam Village by providing free books & notebooks, uniforms and sponsorships. The school was later renamed as Emmanuel Nursery & Primary School.

  • 1992 -
      1. First wedding bells rang in the Home for a girl who was brought up in the Orphanage.
      2. Unamalai tied knots with Mariyaselvam
  • 1996 -
      1. First polio surgery was for a boy named Vinoth held at Sri Ramachandran Medical college Hospital on 6th Jan ‘96.
      2. The Lord blessed us with a first concrete building for our School and was coined “Raja’s Block”.
  • 1997 -
      1. The CFHC family faced a big tragedy by losing its beloved co-founder Late Mr. Sivalingaraja due to a massive heart attack.
  • 1998 -
      1. The Scheme for Short Stay Home for women and girls was started to extend temporary shelter and rehabilitation to those women and girls who have no social support systems due to family problems, mental strains, social ostracism, exploitation and other causes.
      2. Founder – President Maida Raja’s First abroad visit to US, Canada for the fund raising purpose.
  • 1999 -
      1. Free tailoring centre for the poor women in manapakkam village, thereby helping them to help themselves.
      2. Free Night School was started to support the dropouts in the village of Manapakkam. Accounting the medical welfare of the people, CFHC budded its mobile medical support to the underprivileged people through various medical camps like General health, Eye camps, Dental camp, etc.
      3. Licensed by the Directorate of Social Welfare - State Government to do in- Country adoption.
  • 2000 -
      1. Received the license and grant for the SSH scheme from the Central social welfare board, New Delhi. “Mathar Sangam” association for the women was started.
  • 2002 -
      1. First recognition from the Government of Tamil Nadu – Received “Best institution Award” for the welfare of women.
      2. Started the service among the Leprosy patients in the Paranur Leper Colony, Chengelpet .
      3. Started activities among the children in Juvenile Welfare home for the boys in Chengelpet.
  • 2004 -
      1. Licensed to do inter country adoption from the Central Adoption Resource agency where children placed with foreign families.
      2. The Grandma’s pension scheme for old mothers & widows were started with 50 old people.
      3. Relief works were carried out since the Tsunami hit and later relief activities extended during the other natural calamities, like earthquake, flood. The Mission has done rehabilitation work worth 50 lakhs of rupees in various parts of Tamilnadu.
  • 2007 -
      1. Starting with a rented place CFHC has a geographical growth of one acre in a span of twenty years.
      2. Established an active medical clinic and thereby helping the people to stay healthy.
      3. Self help group enhancing the down trodden women to meet their basic needs.
  • 2008
      1. Good Shepherd Prayer House has been established with a motive to help the children to learn the etiquettes.
  • 2009 -
      1. Income Generation Activity

At Peace garden poultry farm, dairy farm, rabbit farm and birds were opened which helps us to earn an income and also creating an opportunity for job was. As an output of the incessant interest of our boys in gardening, we are cultivating and maintaining vegetables.

2. Prabhakar, our child came back from Germany along with his adopted parents and cherished his days with us.

On our 25th Anniversary CFHC celebrates a quarter century of loving and caring for 1250 children, placing 285 children in permanent adoptive families, Rehabilitated 505 womens, providing educational sponsorships to 7500 children.

On this occasion of our Silver Jubilee, the CFHC family re-dedicates itself to its objective of reaching out to many more children, women & people in desperate need. Children hold the key to the future of any society. Many children find love, care and protection in their birth families. Many others do not. It is for these children that CFHC hopes to provide compassion, strength, love and care. We will strive to save young, precious lives; we will endeavour to turn despair into hope and to turn ashes into beauty.

Our work for children & women would not have been possible without the financial and moral support various sponsoring organizations & many Indian donors. With deep gratitude we thank them all.

As we look back on these 25 years of service differing images comes before us. Along the way, scenes and trends have changed. In each of our programmes we see positive trends. From a struggle for survival of children and limited infrastructure we have gained insights into better child care, with a specialized team of child care workers.



List of beneficiaries – Children only
Serial No. List of Beneficiaries
1 Home for the destitute Children 1250
2 Specialized Infant Care Services 450
3 Adoption Service In & Inter Country 285
4 Home for Differently Abled Children 250
5 Creche for Children of Working Mothers 500
6 Regular Primary School 7500
7 Night School for drop-out Children 3000
8 Free Supply of Books & Notebooks 2500
9 Short Stay Home for Children with Destitute Harrassed Mother 800
10 Free Medical Camp 10000
11 Special Awareness Program on Child Labor 1000
12 Program on Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Child Abuse 1000
13 Vocational Training Center 500
14 Rehabilitation Services through Surgery & Therapy 90
15 Rehabilitation Service for Tsumani Affected Children 1500
16 Free Marriage for the Orphaned Children when they attain Marriagable Age 16
Total Children Served



Serial No. List of Beneficiaries Total Benefited
1 Children (Since 1986) 1250
2 Women (Since 1999) 505
3 Infant & Toddlers (Since 1999) 450
4 Adoptions in & Intercountry 285
5 People in need of medical welfare (Since 1992) 8000
6 Victims of Natural Disaster (Since 2004) 3000
7 Old Aged People (Since 2008) 500
8 Differentially Able 400



Short Stay Women Welfare Home - Statistics (1999-2010)

Serial No. Year Admissions Rehabilitated Transferred
1 1999 23 - -
2 2000 7 - -
3 2001 45 20 2
4 2002 67 16 4
5 2003 60 9 1
6 2004 66 44 4
7 2005 52 23 5
8 2006 50 22 5
9 2007 42 39 4
10 2008 29 15 5
11 2009 26 20 3
12 2010 32 21 3
Total 505 229 36